The floor dominates the entire interior. How to choose the right one?

There are several floor covering options on the market. Although we know from the past especially linoleum and carpets, which have undergone major innovations, today we have many more options. Floors are more durable, have a longer life and also look much better.
The pattern of the selected floor has a great influence on the character of the entire interior. Even if you have all the furniture perfectly matched, the accessories fit perfectly, the choice of floor decor can ruin everything very much, but also highlight it. Take the time to choose a floor.

Wooden floor

Wood is one of the oldest materials from which floors are made. It is important to choose the type of wood that has a big impact on the price. Wooden floors are among the more expensive and maintenance-intensive. You will not avoid occasional sanding and painting. The room is rubbed to check the humidity.
However, rooms with wooden floors look cozy, warm and help create the perfect home.

Floating floors

Floating floors experienced a big boom in their time. Initially, they were sought after mainly for their low price and large selection of different decors. Today’s floating floors exist in several variants – laminate, wood, cork and veneer.
The decor of floating floors is often reminiscent of wooden floors at first sight. However, laminate floors are less maintenance intensive. Their great advantage is that when it is damaged, it is enough to replace only defective parts. The floating floor consists of a puzzle, every handy do-it-yourselfer can do it.


Although lineage is still preferred by many people, it is mostly considered a survival. Marmoleum is a natural alternative to linoleum. The basis is a jute net. This is “strengthened” by cork pulp and linseed oils.
You can most often find classic linoleum in medical facilities. Linoleum is waterproof and stops the spread of microorganisms and dust.