Smart hacks that improve some housework

The Internet is full of various hacks that make sense, and you just say to yourself, “Why didn’t I just think of that ?!”

Such an idea comes especially when you realize that most of the things you need for hacking are normally at home.


Nobody likes burns in a pot, especially when you find out that you don’t have a wire brush at home. The crumpled aluminum foil replaces the wire mesh perfectly and can do more. If you have blunt scissors, cut the foil, it will be sharpened. Matches in foil will never get wet, which will be appreciated especially by campers.


Aphids in the spring bother many gardeners. Bury the dried banana peel around the infested plants and the aphids will avoid your garden. Throw the remaining skins into the compost.


Lemons are indispensable helpers in the household. It is effective in fighting ants indoors. A bowl, water and a few drops of lemon and you have an effective humidifier. The sliced ​​lemon in the fridge absorbs the smells of food.

Baking soda

Like lemons, baking soda, especially in the kitchen, is indispensable. Pour baking soda into the dishwasher or run the program. The appliances are cleaned and deodorized. Sprinkle baking soda on the sink, hob, fridge or microwave and clean. Before vacuuming, sprinkle baking soda or a sofa with baking soda and leave on for about an hour, then vacuum. Baking soda removes stains from tea or coffee.

Some types

of spices Pepper mixed with flour and scattered around the young plants discourages the pest. If you put two sage leaves in your shoes, you will remove the smell from them. If your tooth hurts, clove oil can help.


Mayonnaise has strong moisturizing effects that you can try on your hair or as a face mask. It pleasantly cools burnt skin from the sun. It strengthens weakened nails when you turn mayonnaise into a wrap.