Insomnia: A problem that more and more people are facing

Hectic lifestyle, stress, great work commitment, but also a bad mattress, air – all this can affect the quality of your sleep. Insomnia, as insomnia is technically called, starts to bother younger and younger years and does not shy away from children either.

The most common causes of insomnia

The most common cause is considered to be stress – from acute deadlines, from upcoming exams, from the impending lack of funds, poor health or family reasons.
The second common reason is poor eating habits – energy drinks, cola, too much coffee, all these drinks contain energy-promoting aids that disrupt quality sleep. However, fatty foods or large portions can also disrupt sleep.
Another reason for poor sleep can be various medications.

How to fight insomnia?

It is useless to tell someone not to stress that they will sleep better. Calmness and a clean head can induce otherwise more effectively.

Specify space for sleep only

It’s no secret that if you choose a space just for sleep – without television and other disturbing sensations – it will be perceived by your brain and tell your body that it’s time to go to sleep. Consult experts about choosing a mattress. Always ventilate the room well before going to bed.

Try herbs

Although there are many prescription and over-the-counter sleep medications, try nature’s gifts first.
Lemon balm is one of the most effective herbs for calming and better sleep. You can also try St. John’s wort, thyme or passion fruit.

Do not avoid physical activity

You do not have to be a top athlete to achieve a peaceful, and above all strengthening, sleep.
Take a walk, preferably outside into the woods or park. Start a recreational sport that you enjoy. Paradoxically, you will sleep better and at the same time have more energy during the day.