Lucid Dreaming: Fiction or Fact?

It is no secret that quality sleep affects the overall health and quality of life of each of us. It is one of the basic needs of every living creature. During sleep, the breath slows down, the pressure decreases and the whole body relaxes. Although many people think they do not have dreams during sleep, they are wrong. Everyone has several dreams during the rest. However, most do not remember them when they wake up.

Sleep is divided into two basic phases

Sleep is divided into two basic phases – REM and NREM. Both phases alternate at different intervals. It is a phase of REM, when you have dreams, roll over, turn and your eyelids move quickly, even unnaturally. During this phase, you may have up to three dreams.
If he wakes up during a dream, he remembers it and is able to retell it. Why people have dreams, why we don’t remember some at all, some vaguely and some we have in our memories for many years, experts can’t agree and despite all the research they don’t have a clear answer.

A dream

Perhaps it has ever happened to everyone that in their dreams, you knew that it was only a dream and not a reality. The opportunity to control the dream is directly offered. “Directing” your own dream is not as impossible as it seems. Conscious sleep or lucid dreaming is a state where one realizes that he is sleeping and that he is only dreaming. Simply put, it is an awakening in a dream.

Lucid dreaming can be trained

There are several techniques for learning lucid dreaming. The most common is to learn to test reality. Before you try to dream lucidly, write down your dreams, right after you wake up. It will help you remember your dreams and your lucid dreaming will be much more successful.
Test simple inscriptions during the day – inscription above the store, advertising in the subway. Make sure the inscription does not change. If you do this during the day, it is very likely that you will do so in a dream. But the inscriptions in a dream usually do not make sense or change considerably. Time has the same effect. Watch your watch during the day and watch the passing seconds for a while. In a dream, time will pass at a different pace.