Adjust your dressing style and you will look slimmer. Some outfits can add up to 5 kg!

Your appearance does not depend at all on how many branded clothes you are wearing. The wrong combination of individual pieces can easily make you look swollen, tired and shapeless. Just a few simple tricks and your look will change instantly. Make your strengths stand out and reduce your shortcomings. Edit the outfit and take to the streets proudly.

Prefer a shirt with buttons

A shirt without buttons can optically add a few pounds. Choose a shirt with buttons and if you are smaller, leave it unbuttoned. Wear a decent simple top under the shirt, it will optically lengthen the figure.

Create a collection of tapes

A loose sweater over a skirt is not a good idea. Optically shortens the lower part of the body. Use a stylish ribbon and combine them in various ways, sometimes a little thing is enough and your outfit will always look different.

Wear your wrists, neck and ankles exposed

Overweight people, especially women, tend to hide their extra pounds under clothing. The wrists, neck and ankles are parts of the body that always look feminine and attractive. Don’t cover your femininity.

Inappropriately short shorts

Short shorts are not always as sexy as you would like. On the contrary, they reveal shortcomings that should remain hidden. Loose and longer shorts will not only be more comfortable, but also more fitting.

Avoid tight clothing

Some women live in the belief that they will optically lengthen their legs in a short tight skirt. And long, it’s slim. This is not always the case. The short, especially black, skirt sharply interrupts the line of the legs. Longer skirts look more feminine and more relaxed.

Forget tight sweaters

A narrow sweater looks tight and in addition can add a few pounds, especially at the waist and shoulders. Be careful when choosing a sweater and reach for a knitted sweater with a slightly looser cut.