Playing with the boys… ooops

That was FUN dad. via

Dont miss the bus…

Are you guys having fun yet?

The worlds most wanted wiener…


This is a hilarious Dutch commercial for hotdog wieners.

To catch a fish…

Halloween Prank

Evil Siblings

Special Spoonfuls: A Kindergarten Cookbook.

My son brought home this cook book on mothers day. The teacher asked the students to give a recipe for their favorite dish… BEST BOOK EVER!















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How to use a restroom at a dirty gas station. (NSFW-ish)


NSFW-ish (Click to view image)

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My girlfriend just text me…

My girlfriend just text me, ‘thespacebuttonisbrokenonmyphonecanyoupleasegivemeanalternative’

Anybody know what ‘ternative’ means?

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