This Dog Deserves an Oscar

What has 4 legs and is not alive…

Captain Picard Quotes

Captain Picard is a wookie, and everyone knows wookie’s speak klingon… pffft.

Play Hard or Go Home. Funniest gif ever..

She should be a line backer.

Best Joke of 2014 (so far)… A family walks into a hotel

Wa-hoo! This is our 700th post

They said I could be anything I wanted…


During a recent thunderstorm…

11 Interesting photos: Eclipse at Sunset, Back of the Hoover Dam, Launch viewed from Space, & more…


Some interesting photos RECENTLY POSTED ON




Sunset and an eclipse happening at the same time







US Mexico Border Southern California: Awesome Pics 2014





Human Vision (top vs Cat Vision (bottom)





Furniture designed to look like a digital glitch





This 3D-Printed Cast Uses Ultrasound to Heal Bones 40% Faster





Sand Bar Off the Bermuda Triangle That Caught 16 Ships







View of Space Shuttle Atlantis from the International Space Station







Rarely Seen Back of the Hoover Dam Before It Was Filled with Water in 1936






A cross section of an under sea cable (such as the Trans-Atlantic Cable)






This picture has 1 million colors







Brick path laying machine... NOMNOMNOMMONNOM





Skater Cat 2014

This is from a video recently posted on youtube by a Cat Trainer.


See the full video here:

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